The world’s largest multi-manufacturer accident repair database has arrived in Australia and New Zealand with new local content being added all the time.

The future of vehicle body repairs

escribe provides insurance assessors and repairers with online access to the very latest multi-franchised, fully researched vehicle repair methods, times and technical newsletters via desktop, laptop and a range of mobile devices, whenever and wherever they are required.

escribe delivers a fully defined, step-by-step workflow for each repair process with job specific references, dated and timed, to ensure compliance with local market and insurance company standards. Precise vehicle information is used to build a comprehensive repair methods pack, including critical safety data and model specific methods, exactly matching the damaged vehicle.

All escribe methods can be referred to instantly and conveniently during the assessment and repair of the vehicle. Alternatively, the information can simply be printed and added to the job card. Where available, it is also possible to select panel images via the Service Condition Image View, a particularly useful and quick way to identify the correct panels.

Methods packs can be saved and to ensure you have the very latest methods issued from Thatcham’s Research's laboratory, if you go back into the method at a later time, escribe will immediately alert you to any updates which will have been made to the data during that period, to a maximum of six months.

Also included is an audit feature which provides a complete record of which Thatcham Methods are requested and who accessed the information in your workshop.

escribe guides the user to identify the most efficient repair specification whilst maintaining a quality and safety focused repair specification.

Ongoing research and regular new vehicle releases aim to ensure that escribe coverage of the Australian and New Zealand markets continues to increase.

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