Escribe Update

August 29, 2018 - 2:15pm


Escribe has a New Look and feel to the portal, along with two key additions – Materials Alert and VM Methods.



New Look – Provides users with clear and simple colour-coded icons, guiding access to repair information and methods.




















Materials Alert – Instantly notifies users to the specific material types (Aluminium, Composites, HSS, Steel, Plastics) present on the vehicle*, helping to ensure suitable repair capability at an early stage.  High voltage vehicles are also identified, allowing users to quickly assess the risk associated with repair.
















* Where material type has been identified.

VM Methods – In addition to Thatcham’s fully researched methods, escribe users will have access to a wider set of repair information, via Vehicle Manufacturer (VM) methods**. This broader set of information helps users when the vehicle has not been researched by Thatcham, or the method falls outside the scope of the research program.

Following vehicle selection, the Thatcham Methods tab will be highlighted, displaying a familiar set of methods. Thatcham Supporting Methods will also be available, and by selecting the VM Methods tab, all available VM methods will be instantly displayed. 
























** For those manufacturers where republishing agreements exist.