Thatcham Commences Research Program

September 24, 2013 - 1:15pm

An ambitious research program has now commenced to bring locally relevant repair method information to the Australian and New Zealand markets. The program aims to increase the level of local vehicle content in escribe to cover approximately half of the local market by the end of the first year.

 Work has already started on the first two cars:

Mitsubishi Lancer CH Sedan


Toyota Hilux 7th Generation Dual Cab  


These vehicles, the first of seven in the first year of the program, represent both ends of the research strategy. 

The first is to backfill the existing escribe database with locally relevant vehicles under 10 years of age that have finalised production runs but still retain a high presence on Australian and New Zealand roads. 

The second is to research current production platforms that either have a high market penetration now or are predicted to feature heavily in the future. 


On 11 September 2013, five further vehicles (listed below) and a range of parts were shipped from Melbourne, due for delivery to Thatcham Research in the UK, around the end of October via the port of Southampton.

  •   Ford Falcon BF Sedan

  • Holden Commodore VE Sedan

  • Holden Commodore VE Wagon

  • Ford Territory SY Wagon

  • Toyota Camry CV40 Sedan

It is expected that repair methods and times for the above vehicles will start to populate escribe towards the latter part of 2013 and throughout early 2014 – research typically takes four months, with each car carefully researched before the data is added to escribe.

In addition to the seven vehicles selected for research in the first year of the agreement, a further 20 vehicles will be added over the remaining four years. Decisions on which models will be researched in future years will be determined by likely market penetration and user feedback.

Which vehicles do you believe should be our priority for research in future years?  Contact or to have your say.