Repair times

The Thatcham Times System (TTS) is a database created by Thatcham Research for use in estimating accident damage and an integral component of escribe. The database contains a comprehensive collection of repair times for replacing parts and panels. Launched in 1995, TTS now has over 17 years’ experience and is the only times system available that also incorporates the repair method.

Thatcham Times are easily traceable at any point and the accuracy can be checked on any vehicle. The Thatcham Research database creates times via computer analysis for the removal and replacement of panels and parts. It completes this through an evaluation of the number and type of welds on a part. This analysis can also be carried out for the removal and replacement of mechanical, electrical or trim items through analysing the number of bolts, clips or screws and the refinishing time where applicable. The paint times database has also been reviewed and updated by Thatcham Research to reflect modern day methods and environmental considerations.

escribe provides times for all methods researched.