Thatcham Research is synonymous with vehicle security. Its vehicle security team was established in 1992, with the primary aim of stemming the increase in vehicle crime.

Thatcham Research has been instrumental in driving up standards in both factory fit and aftermarket vehicle security installations and their security testing regime is considered to be one of the most rigorous in the world, acting as a model for crime prevention efforts internationally.

Over the past two decades, Thatcham Research has subjected the majority of new vehicles to a New Vehicle Security Assessment, (NVSA). Its vehicle security team also carry out extensive testing on a wide range of original fit and aftermarket security equipment.

Thatcham Research's security engineers travel throughout the world continuing to analyse current theft methods and techniques that are used to break into and steal vehicles. This information is then used to update the criteria, against which new vehicles are assessed, to combat new theft techniques and to update vehicle manufacturers, enabling them to improve on potential weak points in a vehicle’s security design. This work has helped Thatcham Research to build strong working relationships globally with vehicle manufacturers, importers, police, insurance companies, government organisations and after-market security system manufacturers.