Technical publications

Thatcham Insight: Ready2Repair

An insight into sustainable repair through Thatcham’s Ready2Repair programme.

Thatcham 1st Sight: Ford Kuga

The new Kuga features a greatly increased inclusion of High Strength Steels, and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems including AEB.

Thatcham Insight: Energy Regeneration & Friction Stir Welding

A detailed look at Energy Regeneration and Friction Stir Welding.

Thatcham Insight: MQB

This detailed ‘MQB’ edition of Inisght takes a look at how different manufacturers use modular platforms as part of their vehicle design evolution, as well as looking at some interesting new manufacturing approaches.

Thatcham 1st Sight: Toyota Auris

A re-engineering and re-styling of the previous Auris, with changes to the styling including more angular rear quarters and bumpers and interior space enhancements.