Technical publications

Thatcham 1st Sight: Mazda6

The 2nd vehicle to be constructed under Mazda’s SkyActiv design philosophy and featuring two important new technologies: i-ELOOP and Smart City Brake Support (AEB system).

Thatcham 1st Sight: Mercedes A Class

The 2nd model from Mercedes (after B-Class) on the modular MFA platform 

Thatcham 1st Sight: Range Rover L405

Engineered from the outset to be "the same, only better" the construction is fully aluminium, rather than the steel construction of its predecessor. 

Thatcham 1st Sight: Volvo V60 hybrid

The world’s first plug-in diesel hybrid, complete with selectable driving modes. Features include regenerative braking, and electric all-wheel drive.

Thatcham 1st Sight: Ford Transit Custom

The all new Transit, available in SWB and LWB, is the 1-tonne middle range Ford LCV, sitting between Transit Connect and the larger 2-tonne Transit in their commercial range.