Technical publications

Thatcham 1st Sight: BMW Active Hybrid3

Structurally the ActiveHybrid is the same as the saloon featuring aluminium and magnesium to create a body that is 10% stiffer, yet 40kg – 50kg lighter.

Thatcham 1st Sight: Audi A3 3 Door

Its predecessor having sold over 160,000 units the A3 is an important new vehicle for Audi.

Thatcham 1st Sight: BMW 3 Series Touring

The new generation of the BMW (F30) 3-series saloon was launched in February this year.

Thatcham 1st Sight: BMW 3 series

A complex and technically advanced vehicle, with extensive use of advanced materials and construction techniques.

Thatcham 1st Sight: Chrysler 300c

This vehicle is quite a technical step forward in design and build quality over its predecessor.